Stratego Board Game Enjoys 50th Anniversary

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stratego board gameFor 50 years, the little red and blue armies of Stratego have been waging war in homes across Australia and around the world. This latest Edition of Stratego Board Game honours the heritage of Stratego with the original nostalgic theme, along with all the strategy and excitement that have made Stratego Board Game a family favourite for over a generation.

Stratego is a board game featuring a 10 × 10 square board and two players with 40 pieces each. Stratego pieces represent individual officers and soldiers of an army. In Stratego, your goal is to either find and capture the opposing armies’ Flag or to capture so many of his Soldiers so that he has no more moves to make. Players cannot see the ranks of each other’s pieces, so disinformation and discovery are important elements of the game.

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In contrast to chess, Stratego is a board game with incomplete information. In this respect it resembles a number of chess variants, including Kriegspiel or dark chess. Gathering information, planning, and strategic thinking play an important role in Stratego. It is a fantastic board game for two people where the psychological aspects are just as compelling as the overall game play.

Plan your attack. Engage your forces. Capture the flag to win!

You will find the Stratego Board Game Strategies and Official Rules here.

“Stratego is one of the simpler strategy board games, but that hasn’t lessened its popularity. Hundreds of variants, as well as customised designs (including Star Wars and Lord of the Rings) are available. Stratego is easy to play, and is perfect for both young children and adults.” - eHow.