Quoridor Tips & Tricks – Two Winning Openings

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A winner of many international commendations and awards, Quoridor Classic is a near-perfect game. Its objective is clear, not convoluted; the physical game is stylish, sturdy, and well made; and it has broad player appeal – it’s great for families with players of varying ages.kids baord game quoridor

The Reed opening:

This opening consists in placing, during the first two moves of the game, two walls on the third row in front of the opponent with a single gap in the middle.

This opening is attributed to Dr. Scott Reed (Edinburgh, UK), a known military strategist and frequent player. A counter-strategy to the Reed opening is to place two horizontal walls on the third row, one at the extreme left and one at the extreme right, which effectively reduces both players’ path counts to one:

1.H34cd H34ab 2.H34fg H34hi.

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The Shiller Opening:

quoridor corridor board gamePlayers x and o advance their pawns three times each (1.e8 e2 2.e7 e3 3.e6 e4).

Then x places one wall vertically at the bottom of x’s board (at V89cd, V89de, V89ef, or V89fg), providing two paths for o to win while maintaining just one path for x.

The Shiller opening implements the strategy of maximising the opponent’s path count and of minimising one’s own path count. Larry Shiller (Wilton, CT) is a known math educator, software author and consultant, and author of an upcoming book on Quoridor strategy.