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Okey How to Play?

Okey, is a four-person board game. Going up from 1 to 13 stone pieces are played 2′er from 4 colors. 2 units in the game, “false okey” with 106 pieces are moving. Getting to all 14, will begin play the first 15 pieces are distributed to the player. Players are dealt in front of stone “billiard cue” or they knee. Off of the remaining stones are placed.okey tile rummy rummikub

Drop a stone into place, it was a base “okey” and all the stones can be used instead.
Game, the first player’s hand into the hands of a non-move next to the player throwing the game starts. Okey purpose in the same colored stones turn out (only 1 can come after 13′ten) or the same numbered group of stones is to make different colors. Creates a group of at least 3 stone.

The order of the players if a previous player to work at the stone if it is injured, otherwise taking a stone from the middle. And then again in the hands of this next move excess assigns.

Okey is fake?

A higher drop-down carry in the game is okey stones and other substitute for the main bearing 2 for those moving “fake okey” is moving. For example, over 10 pieces turned red, red is 11 okey. Red is used in the game at 11, instead of fake okey.

The display is okay?

Drop-in per game while moving the other first-hand asshole become a player has been dealt her “indicator” is called. In the hands of the player indicator at the beginning of each score is deducted from other players if specified.

How the game ends?

In the hands of the knee in the first 14 carries Okey the player earns. You can visit the 15th stone, the ground has been opened, put the game ends moved.
What is okay to go in the double?

If the player’s hand from the same color and the same number of stones if there are double “double can go.” So into the hands of the same color and number 7 pairs are trying to gather stones. If He does not explain the game went along the double. But all the players throughout the game to players at all the stones on the sides clearly want to see if the “double go” button press.

Thus, since the beginning of the game can keep track of discarded stone becomes. When a player runs out from other players by going double points will be deducted twice.

Back to what is okay?

14 knees were in the hands move, the bit ready to end a player not as “okey can return to.” The aim is to finish the game down at okey. If you complete and hand over the excess okey stone at the other players could be deducted points twice.

Okey Rating

Each player has 20 points to Okey begin. The winning player’s score remains constant, while the lost ones 2′?er points are deducted. Game ends when one player to 0. The highest score of the game the player becomes the winner. If the game is colorful, if that is red or black is a stone dropped the score multiplied by 2 is okey. Go to the end and a double is thrown Okey also be multiplied by 2.

Example: Color options in the game with a black or red when the player if okey okey growing at double the total has dropped the score: P = 2 * 2 (colors) * 2 (from okey) * 2 (pairs) = 16. If a player is up 1 to 13 cycles in a sequence consisting of only one color runs out the game is finished by hand. This player is the winner, the other players loses.