Off Your Rocker Party Board Game

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off your rocker board gameGreat Inexpensive Party Game for the Holidays.

Off your Rocker – This is that rare party game that combines zany interactivity with a solid yet simple rules. As a patient, you have a condition that the psychiatrist doesn’t know. As the psychiatrist, you watch your friends go crazy trying to reveal their condition to you.

Ages 12 and up. 4-12 players.

Off Your Rocker is a fun, quirky game for 4 to 12 players.

 Included in the Box

  • 200 Quirk cards (totalling 800 quirks)
  • 40 point cards
  • TimerBuy Off your Rocker Board Game in Australia

You need a psychiatrist! One player is elected to be him. The rest of the group all share a quirky problem, so the psychiatrist must diagnose the problem. Will he end up as crazy as you?

The game is played in rounds with everyone sitting so they can see each other. Each round, one player is chosen by the others to be the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist must ask questions of the other players to try and discover what the Quirk is

Once the psychiatrist has either guessed the Quirk correctly or the timer runs out, points are scored and the round ends.

The game continues by playing additional rounds until one or more players have earned at lease 6 points or there  are no more Point Cards left.

The game is easy to learn, but requires players to lose their inhibitions and join in the fun. Acting out the quirks can be hilarious for all players, and seeing the puzzled look on the psychiatrist’s face just adds to the mayhem and fun!!

I highly recommend this game!!