Grandma Comes to CityVille as Apps turn in to Board Games

Grandma Comes to CityVille as Apps turn in to Board Games 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes


Such is the way things go. Games become Apps and now Apps are becoming Board Games. What App would you love to see become a Board Game?

Major Junk retailer, Toys R Us reports that the number one board game selling in their stores this year is The Angry Birds Mega Smash Board Game.
Inspired by the App Game this new board game sees players build towers of pigs and use a plastic catapult to fling miniature birds to knock it back down.

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Mission cards set each player tasks and you must use your tactical skills to avoid defeat by your opponents. The best part? Those squealing pig noises will need to come from one of you guys!

monopoly cityvilleAs a perennial favourite family game, Monopoly has been hard to beat, but now, inspired by its App cousin, it has also had a make over – Monopoly CityVille
. Taking it’s lead from CityVille, this latest board version of Monopoly offers Grandma the chance to join in the action and build a skyscraper in her neighbourhood.

All the ordinal play of Monopoly is in the game but this time the first to own four skyscrapers being crowned the CityVille Monopoly Winner.

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