How to Get the Family Interested in Family Game Night

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family board game nightHow to Get the Family Interested in Family Game Night
With the ever-increasing popularity of video games, it is harder to get kids to want to participate in a family game night. These video games are fun, but generally only allow for one or two players, which is not conducive to family fun. Though it may initially be a hard sell, it is possible to get kids excited about a family game night if you have these tips up your sleeve.

Allow the kids to help plan
Children are always more receptive to a new idea if they can be a part of the planning process. Over dinner or after dinner one night, sit down and plan out what you would like to do for a game night. Get suggestions for games and other activities and write them down. Later you can decide which to follow and which can be saved for a future game night.

Invite other families
There is no rule that says game night is only for your family. It can be for any number of families, so invite others over. It is fine to mix it up and have some game nights just be for your brood and others to be a mix.


Everyone loves winning something. Select prizes in advance and let the game winner or winners choose what prize they would like. This invites competition and keeps each person immersed in the game.

board game partySnacks and food

You don’t have to snack while playing, but it may be fun to have a few treats on hand. Alternately, you can hold game night after dinner then have a special dessert after the games and festivities are over.

Change locations
Instead of just having a game board at the family table, trying mixing it up. Go outside to a picnic table or maybe even pitch a tent and hold it in there. On cooler nights, try making a blanket fort in the living room instead.

Bedtime extension
Younger kids who wish they could stay up later will appreciate being given a bedtime extension and it may make them more eager for game nights.


Much like a dance, game nights can have a theme. For example, a pirate theme could mean everyone has to talk or dress like a pirate.

These are just suggestions, so let your imagination run wild. Be sure to take pictures and keep an album to create game night memories that will last a lifetime.

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