Cheap Spy Gear Gadgets for Kids all Under $30.00

Cheap Spy Gear Gadgets for Kids all Under $30.00 4.50/5 (90.00%) 22 votes

The Spy Gear Gadget industry attracts thousands of kids. Every second TV show lures kids in to the exciting – even if not very real – world of spies, detectives and crime solving. And so, not only are spy gadgets for kids popular, they are also the focus of some pretty modern technology and that technology is not always cheap.

But, there are still plenty of real spy gadgets for kids that are not only very cool, but are still cheap and will help any budding detective set up shop and begin his spy work.

Here are Six Real Spy Gadgets that are all Under $30.00 each.

kids spy watch1. Spy Gear Kids Spy Watch

Amazon US $23.95 Amazon UK £9.99

The ultimate in real spy gadget technology – on your wrist! This amazing cheap spy gadget for kids has world time, secret spy communication tools, real spy motion sensor alarm and a decoder screen, all protected by locking armour.

What you Get:

  • 8 high-tech functions in one
  • Includes 1 ultimate spy watch, 2 message capsules and spy paper
  • Scan the QR code on the package with your smartphone to access top-secret intel about Spy Gear

spy gadgets kids night goggles2. Spy Gear Night Goggles

Amazon US $29.98 Amazon UK £14.99

These inexpensive Spy Gear Night Goggles let you know what’s ahead of you under cover of darkness. The twin LED beams of light let you see up to 25′ in the dark.

The Cool Night Spy Goggles are impact resistant, lightweight and comfortable and come with Blue-tinted lenses for night vision and two yellow-tinted magnifying lenses.

What you Get:

  • Blue-tint lenses for night vision
  • Fold-out sighting scope with crosshairs
  • Two built-in, super bright blue LED lights

spy voice recorder3. Spy Bug Voice Recorder

Amazon US $27.99

Record conversations, secrets and more with this affordable spy gear gadget for kids. The Audio Bug is a recording device that looks like any other kids toy. But wit this cool little gadget

What you Get:

  • Record conversations, secrets and more with the Spy Net Audio Bug.
  • Use the voice activation feature to record even when out of the room!
  • Unlock a secret Lie Detector and Hidden USB so you can save your files online.

lie detector kit4. Lie Detector Kit

Amazon US $25.99 Amazon UK

Find out who’s telling the truth – and who’s not – with this kids simple piece of spy gear for kids. using the Lie Detector Set is easy. Attaching, the sensor to a finger, you build up the session with some easy truth questions.

Then, when they least expect it, jump in with the hard-hitting questions to really make ‘em squirm. Watch the indicators light up when your suspect begins to lie! Its a real spy gadget at a good price and one that every kids will enjoy as they attach the sensors to anyone willing to co-operate.

What you Get:

  • Find out who’s telling the truth and who’s not!
  • LED’s light up when suspect isn’t telling the truth
  • Includes illustrated Lie Detector handbook

kids spy pen5. Kids Spy Camera Pen and Voice Recorder

Amazon US $24.86

This a real bargain spy gear gadget for kids. The hidden Pin-hole spy camera has built-in 4G flash memory and high definition video with voice recording capabilities.

This Real Spy Gadget for Kids can be used as camera for photo and video playback on your PC using the easy USB plug and play connection. No driver needed. Easy to use “One Touch” record button.

Can be used as a normal pen and a standard USB storage device.It comes with a built-in rechargeable high volume Lithium-ion Battery which has an up time of approx. 2 Hours.

What you Get:

  • Mini hidden spy camera with Built-in 4GB memory.
  • A Camcorder resolution of: 1280×1024, full colour Video.
  • Audio Recording

micro spy gadgets for kids6. Spy Gear Micro Spy Kit

Amazon US $24.96 Amazon UK £19.99

A cool beginners Spy Kit with all the gear you need to get started. This cheap kit has everything in the kit is a real spy gadget.

Put on the utility belt and everything you need for your mission is within reach. See in the dark, communicate with fellow spies, hear far away, and even trap intruders.

Spy Motion Alarm detects intruders with the LED light invisible beam which detects movement up to 5 feet.  The Spy Micro Listener hears far away sounds. Includes microphone ear bud, secret agent pen, micro-size note paper, invisible ink tip, pen cap and micro ear light.

What else does the budding Spy Kid need?

What you Get:

  • Spy Utility Belt with 4 micro spy tools
  • Spy motion alarm, secret agent pen, spy micro listener, and micro ear light.
  • Easy to Clip On & Clip Off


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