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There are a lot of popular board games for girls out there. They played it at home and bring at a party. The best girls board games have feminine themes to keep the girls interest, though many of them can be played by both boys and girls.

Women and young girls love to socialise from very young age. Girls love to play games as a means of developing social bonds with other kids. Here are some best and most popular board game for girls (and women) that are educational, social and great fun!

For Young Girls – Mermaid Island

A Cooperative Kids Board Game for girls of adventure! Girls will surely love this game because of its mermaid-theme design and the way it is played.

Mermaid Island can be played by 2-6 players and especially designed for girls 5 years and up. However, girls at any age will surely enjoy playing this game.

In this board game, the players work together to help the mermaids swim to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch gets there. Players have to take turns spinning a spinner and move a mermaid or the Sea Witch. Mermaids can move one or two spaces at the same time and can take the bridge short cuts.

The Sea Witch can only move one space at a time and always takes the long way. The mermaid must go back to start if the Sea Witch lands on her. Mermaids can collect and use wand tokens to move the Sea Witch back one space.

Mermaid Island is an eco-friendly game which is an important factor in choosing the best board games. It is made with recycled materials and printed with soy-based inks on FSC. The manufacturer, Peaceable Kingdom is known for its eco-friendly and socially responsible products.

No one will feel left out or left behind because this game encourages teamwork and shared decision-making. Mermaid Island is a cooperative board game that will surely love by girls because it eliminates stress in competition and teaches girls that playing together can be fun!

For Young Girls – Speedy Eddy

Speedy Eddy is a High Quality and Incredibly Fun Kids Board Game especially attractive to girls.

A skill-building game for 2 – 4 players that will help children hone their mathematics skills and a sense of logic.

One of the appeals of Speedy Eddy is the acknowledgement by Dr Toy for a Green Toy Award for their commitment to planting 2 trees for every 1 tree used in manufacture.

  • Taking turns, roll the 2 dice to help your snail progress around the board.
  • Watch out for mole holes, dodge flying carrots, and beware the strong winds that might blow your snail’s shell clean of its back.
  • Without a shell, your snail goes slower as one dice is assigned to the shell and the other is assigned to your snail. Eco Friendly Board Game.
  • Count both dice carefully to get your shell back onto the same space as your snail quickly so both dice can be combined to make you move faster.

Speedy Eddy features an adorable little snail with a removable magnetic shell.

For Older Girls – What’s a Dame to Do?

An award-winning board game suitable for girls! Women will surely love this game. What’s a Dame to Do? will surely be a hit to any parties, social events, dinners, and casual get-togethers.

Made in the USA, this game is all about laughing your way through sticky situations in life. The object of this game is to use your female intuitions to guess how players would react to given “dame dilemmas”.

Each player will choose which of the eight Score Folders, which have models that look like “real” women, they would like to use. They also have to choose the corresponding Hilarious Card, Guessing Chip, and ten Reaction Cards.

The girl in a What’s a Dame to do?! turn flips over the uppermost Dilemma Card and reads it aloud. The dilemmas in the cards are usually not everyday events but still possible to happen sometimes. The other girls will search through their Reaction Cards and choose the one that they guess the girl with dilemma will do.

Knowing people’s suggestions on the dilemma is one of the fun parts of this board game because sometimes you have no choice but to lay down something g silly based on what card you have in hand.

For Older Girls – Say Anything

Say Anything is an Award Winning Social Board Game. Say Anything is a fun, light-hearted Canadian party and family game about what you and your friends really think!

Great as an ice-breaker or among girls or guys who’ve known each other for years. Simple rules, maximum hysteria!

Say Anything combines the best elements of the Wits & Wagers and Apples to Apples board games.

  1. Ask any question from the card you draw, such as:
    • What’s the best movie of all time?
    • What would be the coolest thing to have at a mansion?
    • Who’s the most overrated band of all time?
    • What’s the worst thing to say to a cop after getting pulled over?
  2. Everyone else writes an answer and turns it face-up.
  3. Secretly choose your favourite of these answers. Then everyone tries to guess which one you picked

So, What do you really think?

Say Anything uses a simple scoring system: After each player lays out her answer (with duplicates being replaced at the judge’s discretion), the judge secretly chooses one of the answers.

Each player then places two coloured tokens on any of the answers, including her own, splitting the tokens over two answers if desired. After the judge reveals his pick, anyone who placed a token on that answers scores one point, as does the player who wrote the answer.

The judge scores one point for each token on an answer up to a maximum of three. The judge position rotates after each round, and after a certain number of rounds, the player with the most points wins.

Winning, however, is beside the point because the fun comes from creating a good answer and seeing how people react to it!

From other Cultures – Congklak Mancala

Congklak is a board game played all over the world which was originated in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Southern Thailand, and some parts of Sumatra and Borneo.

This game is mostly played by girls which also has simple rules that allow the boards to have different number of holes.

The board used in playing Congklak, has a number of holes on each side which varies from different countries.

All the boards have an additional bigger store-hole for each player.

For Generations, Congklak was played with stones, seeds, and shells.

Each player controls the holes on their side of the board, and their score is based on the number of seeds on their store-hole. The object of Congklak is to capture more seeds than the opponent.

Congklak is not only used for entertainment but also an educational tool. It is an enjoyable game that contributes to increasing alertness and learning maths for kids.