cycling board game

New Cycling Board Game – Tour de Living Room!

Cycling Party board game aims to bring the excitement of cycling with the enjoyment of strategy games. If you’re tired of family games of Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly every Christmas, or simply looking for a rainy-day cycling activity then Snake Eyes Games may have just the board game for you. Cycling Party is a game […]

home made beer

Homemade Beer a Great Money Saving Hobby

Mac’s Home Brew sells products so their customers can make their own beer. And if that seems like too much of a process, what if I told you it could save you money? “Well I’ve been making my own wine for about 10 years and when my husband found that out, he’s like, ‘well can […]

taxidermy hobby

Taxidermy and Cryptozoology a A Creeping Hobby

Preserving dead animals with taxidermy is one thing, but fusing them into weird and wonderful beasts makes for one unique pastime. This two-headed mouse is just one of the intriguing cryptozoological taxidermy creatures Christian creates. (ABC Local:Damien Larkins) Christian is a trained taxidermist with a fascination and talent for creating unusual creatures. “I like my […]

toys r us new stores

Toys R Us Plans 90 New Global Stores

Toys R Us has revealed its plans to have opened 90 new stores across the globe by the end of the year. The company’s most significant expansion plans for the year are in China and Southeast Asia, where the firm has already begun operating several of the 22 new stores in China and eight planned […]

hobby ideas

The Importance of Having a Hobby

Why hobbies are so important As our midlives evolve, it is more important than ever to have interests that give us pleasure. The aim is self-reliance. That’s not to say that you can’t share a hobby with a loved one, but it’s important to have something just for you. “Hobbies” might sound a bit Enid […]

bee keeping hobby

Turning a Hobby in to a Business – Bee Keeping

Bee keeper Cory Martin turned his hobby into a successful business in bee keeping and educating the public about the benefits of honeybees. The Hurricane resident began bee keeping about eight years ago when he started becoming interested in honey bees as a hobby. This hobby and passion for learning about honey bees soon led […]

Spanish Board Game

Corruptopolis Board Game Satirizes Spanish Politicians

A Spanish student has turned the misadventures of the country’s less than scrupulous political elite into a board game called Corruptopolis, where the aim is to lie and cheat your way to the gold-paved roads of “Corrupt City.” Bribes, embezzlement, tax fraud and corruption of every flavor has become a regular staple of Spanish life, […]